Our Facility

Apet’s innovative facility thrives on more than 30 years of research, planning, and collective experience from industry experts. This facility was built after extensive consultations with a variety of engineers to achieve optimal water, air and environmental conditions for all of our animals. With our premium USDA certified facility, we accomplish our goal of consistently supplying the greatest selection of unequaled quality products to our customers, staying in line with our mission of offering perfect product & perfect service.

Unique benefits include:

  • Aquatic Acclimation Facilities. A critical step to providing the highest quality products to your store is expertly acclimating aquatics from their original habitats to water conditions best suited for aquarium life. Our third generation acclimation facilities, along with skilled staff, accomplish this critical step flawlessly.
  • Unparalleled Quarantine Procedures. With 22 separate aquatic rows averaging 4000 gallons each, we skillfully accommodate various species of fresh water and marine fish.
  • Pristine Water Quality. Each separate body of water includes mechanical filtration, ultraviolet sterilization, fluidized bed, ammonia stripping, carbon filtration, and proper temperature control equipment. Where appropriate, additional equipment including protein skimmers and oxygen saturators are included.
  • Reverse Osmosis Purification. We produce up to our own marine water using Reverse Osmosis Purification and top quality synthetic marine mix.
  • Zero Air Recirculation. Our six separate bird and animal rooms receive 100% fresh air, properly tempered with zero recirculation. This is accomplished by a dedicated 30 ton mechanical system and allows us to provide optimal conditions in every area of animal care.
  • Order Accuracy. To ensure order accuracy and streamline your receiving process, all bags and boxes are labeled and scanned before leaving our facility.
Exterior of the Apet facility