Large aquarium with various types of coral and fish

Our Commitment

Apet warehouse in Dundee

Apet, Inc. is more than just a complete live wholesale distributor.  We are a team of knowledgeable, caring, and pet-owning professionals, passionate about the animals entrusted in our care.  We garner great satisfaction using our many years of pet industry expertise to ensure the livelihood of every animal and the success of your pet store business. 

Apet, Inc. is USDA certified and passes several inspections yearly to maintain this status-scheduled and impromptu.  Our animals receive unparalleled care, in the habitats of our unique state-of-the-art facilities, by attentive, responsible and caring staff that put animals’ health and welfare first. 

Not only are we the most comprehensive, but strive to have the highest quality, volume, and selection.  We are committed to bringing you unmatched category and quality offerings of aquatics, small animals, birds, reptiles, plants and live feed.  Save time and delivery cost resources by leveraging our strength to fulfill your live pet store needs. 

For more than 45 years, we’ve taken great satisfaction delivering your order safely and securely.  Whether in our fleet of custom-fitted temperature-controlled trucks, or through meticulous packing standards, the animals always come first, from our doors to yours.  We look forward to serving you!