Delivery & Distribution Network

When Apet Inc. established its Midwest roots on the North side of Chicago decades ago, it was because there was an identified need for a comprehensive live-pet distributor that could provide the full spectrum of pets to pet stores:  Aquatics, companion animals, birds, reptiles, along with plants and feeders.  Our goal was to bring the best variety at the best value and continually grow that network.  We have since moved our main office and warehouse to East Dundee Illinois, building a custom 53,000 sq ft facility in 2006. 

Our years of experience, meticulous packing standards, transportation management & delivery staff, and climate-controlled trucks are the keys to every successful shipment, to the commitment of the health and safety of your aquatics and animals, and to our continued status as a leading live pet distributor and our reach continues to grow! By ordering all your live categories from Apet Inc. you will reduce delivery costs, and in turn increase profits.  

Truck delivery range: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York (west side), North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania (west side), Tennessee, and Wisconsin. 

We have even further reach with aquatic, reptile and insect delivery via FedEx.