• Harlequin Lancer Cat - F13180
  • Harlequin Lancer Cats are stalking their prey and showing off their stunning patterns! Sure to grab the attention of many customers!
  • Only 1 North Atlantic Stingray left still gliding around the tank here at Apet!
  • Back while supplies last, Medium Electric Blue Acara have vibrant coloration and are an excellent size!
  • Need an eye-catching fish to alure your customers? True Leaf Fish are in-stock and ready to ship!
  • Altum Angels are dropping jaws with fantastic size, finnage, and patterns this week!
  • Mild-Mannered, Festivum Cichlids bring interesting patterns to cichlid tanks, being able to hold their own and typically not cause trouble.
  • Fantastic bang for your buck, Medium Bala Sharks are a superb size!

“If there is magic on this planet, it’s contained in water.” ― Lorene Eisley