• Hyphessobrycon Loretoensis Tetra - F85063
  • A striking and unique Tetra native to the Amazon River Basin in southern Colombia and Northern Peru, Hyphessobrycon Loretoensis Tetra show off a beautiful black stripe on the body paired with deep red tailfin coloration.
  • Medium Madagascar Rainbows swam in with impressive spangling!
  • Darting around with impressive coloration and activity, Rainbow Dace Minnows bring life and action to the aquarium.
  • Eye-catching Red Lizard Cats are a more relaxed species that enjoy hanging out, while assisting with free tank maintenance, munching on food scraps and plant matter.
  • Showing off impressive patterning and coloration, our Sveni Geophagus arrived at a desirable size for mediums.

“Aquariums tell stories that everyone interprets differently, what’s your story?”  – Garren