• L330 Pleco

Extensive list of plecos available, highlighted by the Large L330 Royal Plecos and the L149 Ancistrus Pleco. This is the very first time we have imported these stunners so take a look and don’t miss out. Large Green Puffers are full of personality, almost like “puppies” for your aquarium, as they follow you from side to side as you walk by. Red Hook Silver Dollars are super hearty and are on sale.  Electric Blue Jack Dempsey will add an instant shot of color and activity to cichlid tanks.  Anyone looking for an oddball for your cold water tank?  Look no further than our Metallic Blue Comets.  A steely blue color with orange spots, we have not seen the likes of these comets before.  4” South American Gar are back, but will disappear again, so grab them now while they are here. It is a great week for Coral Red Platies with deep red bodies and bright yellow tails.

“Aquariums tell stories that everyone interprets differently, what’s your story?”  – Garren