Live Plants

Live Plants have become must-have staples in the pet industry. Not only do live plants beautify the enclosures or areas that they reside in, but they also benefit the people and animals that reside with them by bringing them closer to nature. In addition to producing critical oxygen through the photosynthesis process, plants will also absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere/water and consume excess nitrogen in your soil/water. This assists in keeping the chemical balance of your pet’s water or soil in optimal condition. 

Apet recognized the increasing popularity and versatility of plants for all types of habitats, and in turn, we have expanded our plant department to fulfill our customers’ growing and developing needs. We continue to evaluate trends and are always looking for opportunities to incorporate and enjoy plants in new and innovative ways. We offer plants suited to each unique environment and enclosure: aquatic, tropical, desert, terrarium, vivarium, wabi kusa, bio-active enclosure, enclosed ecosystems, and even patios and homes.   

Be sure to check out the plants on our Daily In-stock and give your sales representative a call with questions or requests.  We are also open to our customers on most weekdays, excluding a few holidays, from 8:00am to 12:00pm and invite you to come experience them for yourself!

Please be aware that certain plant species may be toxic to pets or humans. Always research the species of plant before you allow your pets or children to interact with it. 

Aquarium filled with various aquatic plants, stones and logs